Arby’s Introduces New Diablo Roast Beef Sandwich And New Diablo Loaded Fries

The new Diablo Roast Beef Sandwich features the brand’s signature thinly sliced roast beef, fiery hot seasoning, fire-roasted jalapenos and Diablo BBQ sauce served with melted cheddar cheese on a toasted red chipotle bun. You can also get a Crispy Chicken version of the sandwich.

New Diablo Loaded Fries feature Crinkle fries covered in cheddar cheese sauce plus fire roasted jalapenos, fiery hot seasoning and Diablo BBQ sauce.

Additionally, and just in case things get too hot, any order of both the Diablo Sandwich and Diablo Fries also includes a free extingui-shake for those who can’t handle the heat of the new Diablo Dare Challenge.

Both Diablo Sandwiches and Diablo Loaded Fries will be available at participating locations nationwide for a limited time starting October 24, 2022คำพูดจาก เป๋าเงินจริงสำ. On the same date, Arby’s is bringing back the Diablo Dare Challenge on TikTok to encourage fans to see how much of the Diablo Dare Challenge they can take before reaching for relief with the vanilla “extingui-shake.” TikTok users can follow along with the challenge through #ArbysDiabloDare.

Image via Arby’s

Arby’s Introduces New Diablo Roast Beef Sandwich And New Diablo Loaded Fries

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